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In 2017, I inherited hundreds of blank index cards. Typically these vacant cardstock rectangles are used to record recipes, educational notes and other information sought to be remembered. Today, they are antiquated data keepers. Each card is approximately the size of an iphone, held in hand it is slim and flimsy, it can be tucked inconspicuously between the pages of a book, into a back pocket or lost between the cracks of furniture. 


With time, touch, and materials that are close by, I create an intimate one-to-one scale a random portrait of a paper scrap cut-out. These vignettes of insignificant ephemeral shards take on new meaning through their translation as they are annotated and captioned. On the back side of the card, diaristic reflections are noted and a song is suggested. 


Once the card is occupied with information, it is cast into the world. Each card is eventually tucked in a miscellaneous book, in a miscellaneous store, in a miscellaneous place, awaiting the happenstance of life and to be inherited by a new person.

This is an on going series of drawings; 2017 - present.

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